Our variation on sweet potato casserole

In Hungary and Slovakia, everyone knows Tócsni by that name, although not necessarily by that exact name, as different names have been used in different regions. In Northern Hungary it is mostly known as tócsni, tócsni, or toksa, in the Mátra region it is called tócsni, in the Balaton uplands it is called ticege, in Somogy it is called lapcsánka, and in Nyírség it is called lepcsánka or görhöny, but there are places where it is called lapotykka, macko, recsege, enge-menge or krumplimálé.

Of course, you can also find similar dishes in other parts of the world. In Switzerland it’s roast beef, in Sweden it’s rarakor, in the Czech Republic it’s bramboras and babagudovice, in Poland it’s placki, while in England it’s hash brown that reminds us most of our own pond snacks.

The chef of Virtu, Levente Lendvai, has recreated the pond from sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are an excellent alternative to traditional potatoes, as they are much lower in calories and contain many important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Celery has an important role to play in this starter, which can also be eaten by vegans. The sweet potato tochini is served with celery salad or celery cream fried in salt.

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